We provide a one stop solution for our customers. Our full range of services and in-house production facilities enables us to ensure quality – and protect the integrity of products every step of the way.


Our experienced design engineers work closely with our clients from concept through to production. We provide 3D drawings and renderings, manage the tooling process, select and source all materials and non-plastic component parts, produce prototypes and samples for approval and ensure your product can be made precisely, efficiently and within your budget.


Rodman is China’s leading plastics manufacturer. Our production facilities house more than 20 injection moulding machines ranging in size from 210 to 2500 tonnes. In addition, we own and operate a line of blow moulding machines within our Cooler Division that range in size from 500ml to 150 litres.


Our product engineers work closely with our broad network of tool makers and monitor the entire mould creation process. First a 3D model is created, then a prototype is made for client approval. Tooling begins and once complete, the mould undergoes a rigorous series of trials at our production facilities. Production-grade samples are provided for approval.


Typically used for insulation of hard body coolers, our Australian-made foaming carousels can accommodate up to 36 jigs per cycle. We only use eco-friendly polyurethane foam, and depending on thickness can produce coolers that retain ice for up to 7 days. All foaming jigs are custom-designed and built by our team of production engineers.


Our dedicated assembly teams manage all aspects of this process – from pre-assembly through to the packaging the finished product. Each member of the team undergoes product training in order to gain a thorough understanding of each model’s construction. Our team of quality control supervisors oversee the assembly process at all times to ensure all products adhere to our quality control standards.


Products can be customised or ‘branded’ using our heat transfer machines and/or moulded inserts. Our in-house team are available to create eye-catching POS and packaging solutions designed to increase customer sales. Our logistics team manages the printing and production of all shipping cartons and apply all required codes to ensure products can be transported, unpacked and put straight onto store shelves.


Our dedicated sourcing team coordinates the production of any non-plastic component parts that our customers may require. We have developed a wide network of quality-led and reliable suppliers over the last 20 years. From design to sampling and quality control, our team is on hand to manage the entire process – from order to shipment – on our clients behalf.


Our team of quality control supervisors monitor the entire process through all stages of production. We maintain stringent control procedures to ensure the integrity of every product we make. As responsible suppliers, we hold ourselves accountable for the entire production process and move quickly to remedy any quality issues should they ever arise.